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Spanish Greyhound (Galgo Español) – Dog Breed

Galgo Spanish Greyhound

The Spanish Greyhound is as it name says it originates from Spain and is rarely seen outside of the country of Spain. It is also known as the Galgo Español which means greyhound in Spanish.

The galgo Spanish greyhound can be very shy when around strange folks in your home and has a temperament that I would call reserved. When the galgo dog is around his family he is very affectionate toward them and is extremely gentle with young children.

You must take the Spanish greyhounds shyness into consideration and give him very early social training that will very much help with his shyness issues.

This dog is most often used as a hunting dog and when he is out on the hunt he is an active and very energetic dog, but when in the home he is very laid back and quiet. Galgo Spanish greyhound has a height range of 23 to 28 inches and can weigh up to 65 lbs

galgo spanish greyhound
galgo Spanish greyhound

When the galgo dog is around other dogs he will get along with them famously and will be very friendly.
He is known for being very cozy with cats too, but I would definitely keep an eye on your Spanish greyhound while around cats at first.

Make sure to give a galgo Spanish greyhound plenty of exercise to keep him in tip-top shape and remember he loves to chase cats and other little animals.

The sad part about this breed of dog is that it has been caught up in Spanish greyhound cruelty in Spain.
The Spanish greyhound or galgo which is greyhound in Spanish is mainly used for hunting and when the hunting season is over the owners basically just disposes of the dog. There are approx 50,000 of these dogs killed every year in Spain.