5 Dog Breeds From Spain

Dog Breeds Of Spain

There are a lot of dog breeds that exist throughout the world. With its varied features, it has distinguished characteristics, looks, and behavior.

Some are very friendly, some are good for guarding, some are arrogant, etc. Some of the famous dog breeds from Spain are Ibizan Hound; Spanish Greyhound; Presa Canario; Papillon and Phalene; Basque Shepherd; Basque Ratter; Bichon Frise; etc.

Ibizan Hound: The dogs of this breed are quite lean, agile and belong to the hound family. There are two hair types available in this breed.

One is smooth which is quite common and the other is wire. They are also famous for their speed as they can reach 64km/hr.

Spanish Greyhound: This breed is quite old is also called as royal hunting dogs. The Spanish kings used to have this breed for hunting.

This breed was brought by Maury people and by cross-breeding with Greyhound, the result was completely a fine perfect dog which is good for hunting.

Presa Canario:  This breed of dogs is quite impressive. As a result of cross-breeding between the herd dogs of Canary Island and Mastiffs, this breed has come into existence.

This breed was also used in dogfights which were declared illegal in 1960.

Papillon and Phalene:  This is a toy dog breed and has squirrel furriness in appearance. These dogs are very intelligent and learn different new tricks easily.

These dogs are very playful and are good companions to humans.

Basque Shepherd:  This breed normally helps the local shepherds in taking care of the sheep and cattle. It is also called as Perro De Pastor Vasco by Spanish people.

Besides the above-mentioned breed of dogs, there is another breed also in Spain that exists, but they are not as famous as the above ones.