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Spanish greyhound

If You are Planning to Get a Dog for Your Family – Learn More About Dog Breeds from Spain

Large Dog Breeds From Spain

Ibizan Hound – This ancient Egypt originated, old dog breeds of Spain is more than 5000 years old. They were brought to the eastern coast of Spain from Egypt to the Ibiza Island.

They were used to hunt rabbits and other small animals. This large dog breeds from Spain is a medium to the large-sized dog having a similarity with a deer. Amongst other dog breeds in Spain, this is an active, vibrant, energetic, joyous, yet stubborn sometimes.

This breed is attached and loyal to its owner and the family. To maintain its shine, its fur needs to be brushed casually with the help of a rubber glove. It is an extraordinary hunting dog amongst dog breeds of Spain.



Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound


Papillon and PhaleneThese are the names of two types, the differentiating factor amongst the two is; Papillon has straight ears, while Phalene has drooping ears.

Their origin, form, structure, and characteristics are similar. They are almost 500 years old, often featured in the paintings of Titian, Goya, Van Dyck etc. Papillon is a small-sized, elegant, and long breed.

It has big almond-shaped dark eyes. Phalene has its ears just above the eye line at the back of the head. Rich fringes on its legs, ears, and tail distinct it.

They are amongst the smart, attentive, energetic, lively, brave, keen to learn and naughty dog breeds of Spain. Their fur should be brushed on regular basis.

Extra care should be taken to remove extra hair from the ears. They are a joyful and enjoyable company.


Phalene, Papillon




Dog Breeds Spanish Water Dog The American Kennel Club as part of the Herding group recognizes this breed. The  Spanish water dog originally used to work as multi-use as a farming dog, which used to herd, hunt, and assist fishermen.

It is a medium-sized dog with distinguishing, curly coat. Spanish water dog has a variety of color shades like black, brown, beige, or white or with white shade as their secondary color.

Its texture is curly and wooly, hence its coat is only trimmed once or twice a year, instead of brushing or combing. The coat makes cords with tapered tips when it is grown long. It has moderate to high energy level.

Spanish water dog has strong protective intuitions, strong-willed, temperamental, possessive for territory, peculiar, and manipulative. It stays extremely loyal to its owner and grows better when in human contact, though it is suspicious about strangers.



spanish water dog

spanish water dog


Dog Breeds Spanish Mastiff – it is one of the dog breeds native to Spain. It is a giant dog and is a brilliant companion to its owner. His ability as vigilant guard and watchdog is well – acknowledged.

In general, dog breeds Spanish Mastiff is a calm dog. However, it may get extremely stubborn at times. It is not advisable to surround it with children, as it is not that good for them.

It is not for the people with small accommodation, as it requires larger space around. Being super active, it requires a daily basis stimulation activity that may be mental or physical.

Spanish Mastiff needs not much care like weekly brushing. Regular check-up of its ears must be ensured.



Spanish Mastiff

Spanish Mastiff